SILVA Ecological Community and Resort Project's Energy Efficiency Conceptual Design Services are suc

Linerji and Atelier10 of UK together are successfully completed developing Energy Efficient and Green Concept of SILVA (Silent Valley) Project for Timeless Investment of Netherlands

Linerji and Atelier10 of UK are developed and evaluated below listed concept for "18 Golf Course, Clubhouse Village, Hotel & Spa Complex, 600 Residential houses, School, Retirement Community, Green Houses and Farm, Employee Facilities, Riding and sports Club, Integrated Solid Waste and Waste Water, Management, Hybrid Renewable Energy, Dairy, Olive and Winery Process Units, Energy Production Units, Local amenities" project;

  1. Energy supply concept,

  • Solar Energy

  • Wind Energy

  • Biomass Power Plant

  • Anaerobic Digestion, biogas power plant

  1. Energy efficiency and optimized performance,

  • Waste to Energy,

  • Cogeneration,

  • Trigeneration,

  • Passive/active heating/cooling solutions

  1. Development of farm agro-tourism concept,

  2. Winery

  3. Olive oil facility,

  4. Goat diary

  5. Organic hence farm

  6. Green house

  7. Environmental performance development,

  • Rainwater collection

  • Municipal potable water & wells

  • Waste water treatment plant

  • Compost plant

  • Waste to energy

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