Linerji Energy Engineering and Consultancy "Quality Policy"


  • As LİNERJİ ENERGY ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING INC., We aim to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders with the participation and endeavors of all our employees and to realize the services,

  • To be a pioneer and innovative company by keeping our quality standards at the highest values and fulfilling legal requirements and by making services in line with international and national standards,

  • When establishing services within the framework of the legislation, we have to ensure that the satisfaction of our staff and our beneficiaries is at the highest level,

  • To ensure that our employees receive training in improving the quality of the service provided and improving their personal skills,

  • To ensure that customer requirements and applicable primary and secondary legislation are met in accordance with the requirements,

  • To increase the customer satisfaction and maintain it,

  • It is the most important duty of all of us to gain the trust of all the segments that we produce by reaching the most economical, fastest and shortest way to the total quality and to be able to sustain it and constantly improve it.

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