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Energy Engineering Sustainable Energy Thermal Power Hydro Energy Natural Gas Power Plant  N.Gas Coal Fired PCC CFB CCGT CCPP Combined Cycle Power Plant Power Plant Wind Energy WEPP WPP Wind Power Plant Biomass RES BES HES TES GES Solar Power Plant Solar CSP PV CPV Cogeneration Trigeneration Kojenerasyon Trijenerasyon Power Plant Railroad Railway Utility Termik Santral Kömür Santrali Gaz Santrali Biyokütle Rüzgar Enerjisi Hidrolik Hidroelektrik Santrali Güneş Enerjisi Kombine Çevrim Gaz Santrali Combined Cycle Cogeneration Steam Steam Bypass Stack Mechanical BOP Electrical BOP Cooling Tower ACC Air Cooled Condenser Water Cooled Condense Mechcanil Draft Natural Draft LV MV HV AG OG YG Insturment and Control Systems I&C SCADA Power Technology Power Plant Engineering Engineering and Consultancy Management Consulting Engineering Consult Project Management Site Supervision Design Detailed Design Basic Design Conceptual Design Prefeasibility Feasibility Bankable Feasibility Market Report Market Intelligence Market Survey LTSA Long Term Service Aggreement Contract Negotiations Contract Engineering and Design Works Tender Engineering Tender Negotiations Tendering Tender Power Plant Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering I&C Engineering C&I Control and Instrument Geologist Site Engineer Supervisor Supervision Detailed Design Engineer Designer Draftsman Process Engineering Control Engineering Hydraulic Engineering Power Plant Power Island Transmission Line OHL Overhead Line Step up Transformer Switchyard kV MW kW kVA GW kWh MWh GWh Twh TW percentage source plannig Concept Design Power Manpower Manday Man month Manning Schedule Scheduling Power Sources Natural Gas Coal Lignite Fired Anthracite Hard Coal Mine mining study cascade dam run of river energy utility. 3rd party inspection in China