3rd Party Inspectıon in People's Republic of China


According to the trend on Chinese main eqipments, there occured a serious need for inspection after terrible problems with the Chinese eqipments in heavily Thermal and Hydro Power Plants in Turkey. With an established team in China, Linerji is making 3rd party inspection on main systems, sub systems and even small eqipments

The Team


Linerji has a well experienced team with various disciplines such as, Boiler Experts, Pressure Parts and vessels experts, Turbine, Pump and compressor experts, Steel Structure experts, Electrical experts, I&C Experts, piping and valve experts, General Machinery Experts and NDT Experts.


With the help of these experts, Linerji can make factory inspection tests and on-site tests with its highly technological special tools stamp by Turkish Standarts Institute.


Pressure Equipment, Boiler, Header Inspections


One of the most critical equipments are of course pressure vessels and boilers. These eqipments has to be well inspected and approved by a accreditted institute such as TSE.
The following items are showing some of the inspection tests for pressure equipments, boilers and headers.


  • ITP review

  • Welding controls

  • Hydrostatic tests

  • Ball tests

  • Other defined controls

Turbine Inspections


Unfortunately there are a lot of bad experiences in Thermal and Hydro Power Plants in Turkey about power turbine generator sets. Some of them are occured during erection phase such as turbine casing and turbine measurements mismatching and some of them are occured in operation phase such as poor quality welding and non-NDT. To avoid such cases, our experienced team is making factory inspection and on-ste inspection with the stamp of Turkish Standarts Institution.

The following items are showing some of the inspection tests for turbines.


  • ITP review

  • Welding controls,

  • NDT Tests,

  • Performance Tests,

  • Other Defined Controls

Electrical and I&C Equipments Inspections


Electrical and Instrument&Control equipments, generators,  panels and boards has to be well inspected in order to avoid any operational causes. Some of hydroelectric plants in turkey shows that during erection phase there occured unacceptable problems such as sending back to China all generators because of insulation failures of the generators. During operation phase unregulation of the governor caused damages.

The following items are showing some of the inspection tests for turbines.


  • ITP review,

  • Circuit tests,

  • Functionality tests,

  • Welding controls,

  • Ball tests,

  • Other defined controls

Hydropower Inspections


Hydropower plant equipments such as turbine, generator, valves, throttles, pipings, etc. can be inspected under TSE regulations.

The following items are showing some of the inspection tests for Hydropower Equipments.


  • ITP review,

  • Welding Controls,

  • Hydrostatic Tests,

  • Ball Tests,

  • Functionality tests,

  • Other defined controls

Loading Inspections


All plant equipments and specially critical equipments such as power gensets has to be well inspected not only in factory but also in loading. Even in western technologies, it's faced that after loading, during unloading to the port, there are a lot of cases shows big and small damages to the power gensets. To avoid this bad experiences a loading inspection is a must. 


The following items are showing some of the inspection tests for Loading.


  • Packing list check

  • Package crate controls

  • Analyzing potential loading risks, and give necessary warning notices.

  • On time reporting of loading damages.

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